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Your cooler bag will be hanged on your doorknob

Genie Hero Plan

Looking for healthy, tasty & gluten-free eats for a month? Well, how about you let us shop, prepare, cook, pack, and deliver them right to you!

Feeding you with honest food choices made from wholesome ingredients with no nasties that takes you a step forward into an improved lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits is what we are all about as you join our Genie Hero Meals!

Together, we work towards sustainability by:

  • Eliminating daily food wastes with our planned meals
  • Banning chemicals, preservatives, or artificial food colorings in our recipes
  • Reducing fuel consumption by making only 1 delivery trip each day
  • Using only 100% biodegradable corn-made containers
  • Ditching the use of plastic packaging & cutleries; and if you need cutleries, don’t worry, we got you, we’ll give you wooden ones!
  • Helping the livelihood of our local farmers

Few Ingredients & Wholesome Meals Throughout

We produce 100% of what we make, trust us, you’re in good hands!

We do not use manufactured products such as pre-made sauces and not even stocks! We prepare everything from scratch and made with love!

Handcrafted, Chef-Inspired Recipes

All our recipes are curated and developed by our creative chefs together with a certified dietitian and of course, tested by our team of Genies!

Everything You’ll Indulge in is Gluten & Peanut Free

Two of the world’s most common allergies and intolerances are gluten and peanuts. ‘The Lab’ where Skinny Genie does its magic is free from any traces of wheat, barley, rye and peanuts in any of the meal ingredients. We use tree nuts in some of our recipes, don’t worry, we have a separate area for them.


What’s in my bag?

You’ll be provided with gluten & peanut free healthy, delish-meals for the entire day, yes, from early morning till late evening

The Genie Hero Meals are a 20-day program that comes with one sunrise bite, a starter, two mains paired side dishes, a healthy snack & a skinny dessert, all in one bag

How does it work?

It’s very easy, just give us a call at 800 Skinny (800 754669) and we’ll talk you through it

We will create your guest profile, collect the payment, you choose your daily eats and you will receive them within 72 hours from your order confirmation

Where will I find my bag?

Your cooler bag will be hanged on your doorknob or outside your home

Where shall I keep my bag?

Please keep the cooler bags away from direct sunlight, preferably in an A/C controlled room. Make sure to pick up your bag once delivered! There are ice packs, and as you know, in the UAE, we either have summer or inferno, so we advise you to keep your meals in the chiller

How do I pay?

Payment can be cash or credit card, let us know, and we will send a rider to your location. We collect full payment and cooler bag deposit amount before we start the Genie Hero Meals

Why is there a deposit?

A deposit of 250 AED will be collected per guest from the 1st month of subscription, this is for the cooler bags (let’s face it, who doesn’t want to keep those bags?), eco-friendly packaging & its accessories (we know, those eco-friendly packaging are class!)

Can I cancel my plan

This is just in case… Here are a few options if you decide to cancel your plan:

  • Use your ‘remaining balance’ in purchasing from our Retail Menu, split it in between days, no rush
  • Transfer your ‘remaining days’ to a family or friend within the delivery area

P.S. Don’t cancel, we do not have a refund policy!

So, All you need to do is:

Sleep, wake up, eat, work[out] & Repeat!

Our Genie Hero meals are not intended for any weight loss or weight gain objectives, our aim is to bring you simple, nutritious, delicious, and eco-friendly eats that will not only boost your energy for the whole day, and make you feel better for being a Genie Hero!

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